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21/12/2012 the end or the beginning? Lectorium Rosicrucianum United Kingdom

21/12/2012 the end or the beginning?

There have been many speculations in previous years about 2012, and what might happen during this important year. Many have read about the finality of the Mayan calendar, and journalists and others have interpreted this as the world ending in December.
There have been many predictions and ideas about 21/12/2012, including awful weather patterns and global warming, world catastrophes, ecological deterioration, Polar shifts, a financial and Internet crash, anarchy, and ultimately a new controlling world order.

Many people are driven by fear and, as was witnessed during the recent threatened fuel shortage – the veneer of civility easily breaks down.
We are nearly at the end of this crucial year, and many are concerned about ongoing conflicts, escalating crime, the financial crisis and weird weather patterns – another signature of this time, is that many are rebelling against tyranny and greed, political and otherwise. All kinds of previously concealed situations are being exposed.
This is also happening within our personal lives. Our characters are being unmasked, and we are faced more and more with our habitual behaviour patterns. There is a general feeling of the status quo being broken up.
Many are responding to this by turning away from the materialistic view of life and searching for ways to perfect the personality and environment so as to find peace and harmony in the world. 

There is a strategy to trig the fear reaction in all of us, with all sort of alarming news. We need to consider that fear render us vulnerable and more easily deceivable. Fear is a very powerful weapon in controlling humanity, keeping it tied to this nature. With fear covering our eyes, our ears and our hearts, it is difficult to hear the inner spiritual impulses.
The princes of this world feed on this atavistic emotion, which generates from the subconscious of each of us, from the intimate awareness that we are mortal beings, ultimately, from our separation from real Life.
There is more to fear, though, there is a general stirring, both globally as in each of us.

What is the reason for the breaking up of the status quo? Why is there so much unrest, exposure and revelation, a feeling that time is accelerating? Are we really heading towards a final countdown?
Many say science is playing God by genetically modifying plants and animals, and could threaten all life through its inventions. We hear physicists are smashing atoms to discover the building blocks of the universe - is this really the way forward?
The modern Mayan Elders, Hopi Indians and the Dogon tribe of Mali Africa and others, all state that there is a major imbalance in the world.

The Mayans say that we are comparable to naughty children, as our consciousness is so immature –breaking everything in our home – that is our mother earth. They say it is up to us to learn and live in balance with each other, nature, and return to the spiritual root of our being. The important principle of the ancient Mayan teachings was to regard everything as a part of themselves – feeling at one with creation. Only through this insight, they believed, would it be possible to find harmony. In their ancient sacred teachings – the Popol Vuh – it is stated that the divine light sacrifices itself in the darkness of the human heart, so that humanity will overcome its wilfulness and return to the spiritual realm.

The ancient Mayans built Pyramids aligned with the cosmos as physical illustrations of the spiritual path, as did many ancient cultures. There are sacred sites in numerous areas of the world, interconnected by similar geometric forms and measurements, energy routes and cosmic alignments. The pyramid in Giza, Egypt, is in the exact mathematical centre of the earth’s land mass as is our heart in relation to the body.
Regarding the Mayan calendar – 21 December was an important date, being the shortest day. Also this date in 2012 marks the end of a 26,000 year cycle, when the sun is in exactly the same position as the beginning of the afore mentioned era. The Mayans were aware of this aspect, and stated that this would be the beginning of the time of the fifth sun – relating to their measuring time in cycles. This 26,000 year cycle marks a period during which humanity has evolved through various stages of development towards self consciousness.

At the winter solstice, this year, on December 21 the sun will be in the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, which coincides with the centre of the Milky Way – the heart of the solar system. On this important date the earth, sun and centre of the galaxy will be virtually aligned. So the new sun, born in the winter solstice will receive its power directly from this Divine heart of the cosmos and pass it on to the earth. This will signify the start of a new era, and period of transition for humanity to take a step towards higher consciousness.
The modern Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross was formed to show humanity the path of liberation, in the same way as did the ancient Mayan culture.
The new world era, popularly called the Age of Aquarius, heralds a radiation power of a very high spiritual vibration entering the earth’s sphere - the source of which is Divine. Whoever is able to react positively to this power will realise spiritual liberation.

Our idealism, striving for improvement of all kinds, need for desire to perfect the personality and create peace and harmony on earth, proceed not from us, but from the last remnant of the original Divine life, present, but dormant within the human heart. This principle known in the School of the Rosycross as the Spirit spark atom or Rose of the heart, originates from the era when original humanity lived in the Divine realm. Our presence in this world is due to the universal laws being transgressed at the beginning of time, and culminating in the sinking from Divine unity into the dualistic world…….This is known as the fall.

All that is left of the original spiritual being is the dormant potential in the human heart.
Calling impulses from the Divine realm are constantly sent to our world to awaken this principal, so that the human being reacts by becoming a spiritual seeker. The inner disquiet we feel, originating from this Rose of the heart is like a half forgotten memory, that we do not belong here. As the Mayans also state – we need to gain the maturity to understand and accept the Path of return to the Divine Realm.
Atmospheric conditions are changing in relation to the heightened vibrations of energy entering this world, and are highlighting our state-of-being.

Everything that exists here is subject to the law of opposites or duality – for example, light and dark, cold and heat, life and death. Many have experienced loving someone one minute, then hating them the next, when there is a problem! We experience one pole of emotion, then it turns to its opposite.
Everything eventually perishes and there can never be any lasting peace or harmony here because of this antithesis, which also applies to the afterlife - the other half of this world, and is subject to the same laws. Our world, which can only exist thanks to Divine Power, provides us with the often painful experiences necessary to recognise our fallen state and decide to return to the original life – particularly in 2012 in this time of heightened spiritual radiations.

This high vibration is sent to the world from the Realm of the Christ Force, from which Messengers are sent to assist humanity in the return to the Divine. These Messengers are known as The Brotherhood of Love.
This spiritual realm is where everything is perfect and eternal. It is all around us in the same space as we reside, though, as we do not possess the necessary sense organs, we cannot perceive it… Our senses are not constructed from Divine substance.
The radiations of this transitional period are encouraging seekers of spiritual truth, to open themselves to these high vibrations, develop the true sense organs in order to serve the Divine purpose... This is what the Aquarian era signifies.

Reality and delusion will become more recognisable and eventually, everyone, whether a seeker or not, will be able to determine how they stand regarding this spiritual revelation. Atmospheric conditions will bring about phenomena that will affect all nature and change humanities concepts, relationships and insights. Everyone will be placed before a choice.
The Guardians of our earth – The Brotherhood of Love, are taking an almighty initiative in the guidance of humankind. The imbalance in ourselves and therefore our world is clearly being shown to us. We have lived – or should it be said – existed – with total disregard to the cosmic order and therefore have been in conflict with it. The reflection of this is the prevalence of physical and psychological illness/instability, violence and deceit in our society. Periodically, humanity’s divergence from the Creator's path is corrected by a cosmic intervention in order to prevent us from straying further or completely destroying ourselves.

In this era, at the end of the afore mentioned 26,000 year cycle, these very difficult times are clearly shown by actions reflected in our world. But, although it’s easy to judge others – our consciousness is of this world and therefore limited - not one of us is good in the spiritual sense.
Divine radiations from the Brotherhood are giving us a chance to wake up, respond positively to these cosmic vibrations, and follow the path ancient and modern spiritual leaders have shown.
The Gnostic School of the Golden Rosycross can help and guide those who choose the true purpose of life, freedom from the nature of death, and return to the Christ state. Gnostic, means of Divine Wisdom, and all who follow the calling, ultimately attune to this vibration.

To actualise the process, we need an awakened spiritual atom or Rose of the heart to guide us. It says in the Bible that ‘the Kingdom of God is within you’. We need to focus inwardly, and listen to the voice of the Rose heart. The Divine principle, through receiving resonant Light power from the afore mentioned Brotherhood of Love, matures into its original state, as the personality cooperates - adopting a new attitude-of-life, in keeping with this high vibration. It states in the Bible ‘May He increase and I decrease”.
The advancement of this process, in which the human system is progressively connected with the Divine Light, will culminate in the development of the true spiritual organs. The Rose of the Heart influencing the personality, then guides the reborn soul towards liberation.

So - we will have to decide whether we will allow ourselves to be dragged along by the inter cosmic streams of force, which move the entire universe in a continuous process of grinding and breaking – highlighted in 2012 as our selfish traits in all arena’s are being unmasked – or whether we will grasp the helping hand of the Brotherhood of Love which is offered to liberate us from the grip of suffering and death.
The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross can support all who follow this path to liberation and ultimate healing.

The Spiritual School contains a power, which is an intensified electro-magnetic field in which Divine radiations, vibrations and forces, from the Christ realm are focussed – in order to awaken the Spiritual heart.
All who enter this radiation-field are encouraged by the awakening Spirit spark, to enter the Path of liberation or Transfiguration – as it is known in the Spiritual School.
The radiation-field, resonating with the Rose of the heart, cleanses and restores the damaged soul, impelling it to rebirth. The personality is then guided and supported by this process and self knowledge and the experience of the earthly nature is profoundly deepened.

The Rosycross, in embracing the teachings of many ancient cultures, incorporating the golden thread connecting them all, conveys a profound message to spiritual seekers.
In the power that a Gnostic Spiritual School radiates, the process of liberation or transfiguration can unfold safely and harmoniously.
So - how great must the distress in the fallen human system become, before our personality begins to realise that nothing lasting can be found in this world! We will then no longer seek to satisfy the profound longing for perfection, with the products and situations of this world. We will take the decision to entrust ourselves consciously to the Divine plan, and allow the process of fundamental change to manifest within us, so that the original spiritual self – stated by the Mayans to be the root of our being - may arise.

When we'll let the Rose bloom in our hearts, a new state will manifest in us. Our whole system will be transmuted and a new Soul will replace our mortal soul. The divine radiations of Aquarius will then be able to act harmoniously in our system. The divine Sun will shine and Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan feathered serpent, the new Caduceus, will rise again.
A new Heart temple and a new Head temple will so be built from the Light. The microcosm that hosts our personality-ego will then be reborn in the true Life.
This is the meaning of 2012 and beyond – it is the end of an era and the chance of the beginning of a new course of development for humanity.

Lectorium Rosicrucianum. United Kingdom.
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