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The Rosicrucian Mysteries By Max Heindel [1865-1919]

Rosicrucian Mysteries By Max Heindel


Part from the first chapter : The order of Rosicrucians and the Rosicrucian Fellowship

 In the fourteenth century there appeared in central Europe a great spiritual teacher whose symbolical name was CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ or CHRISTIAN ROSE CROSS, who  founded the mysterious Order of the Rosy Cross, concerning  which so many  speculations   have  been made and so little has become known  to  the world  at large,  for it is the Mystery School of the West and is open  only to those who have attained the stage of spiritual unfoldment necessary to be initiated in its secrets concerning the Science of Life and Being.   If we are so far developed that we are able to leave our dense  physical body and take a soul flight into interplanetary space we shall find that the ultimate physical atom is spherical in shape like our earth;  it is a  ball. When  we take a number of balls of even size and group them around one, it will  take just twelve balls to hide a thirteenth within.  Thus  the  twelve visible  and the one hidden are numbers revealing a cosmic relationship  and as  all  Mystery Orders are based upon cosmic lines,  they are  composed  of twelve members gathered around a thirteenth who is the invisible HEAD.

    There  are seven colors in the spectrum:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.But between the violet and the red there are still five  other colors which are invisible to the physical eye but reveal  themselves to the spiritual sight.  In every Mystery Order there are also  seven Brothers who at times go out into the world and there perform whatever  work may be necessary to advance the people among whom they serve,  but five  are never seen outside the temple. They work with and teach those alone who have passed through certain stages of spiritual unfoldment and are able to  visit the temple in their spiritual bodies, a feat taught in the first initiation which usually takes place outside the temple as it is not convenient for all to visit that place physically.

    Let not the reader imagine that this initiation  makes the pupil a Rosicrucian, it does not, any more than admission to a high school makes a boy a member of the faculty.  Nor does he become a Rosicrucian even  after  having passed through all the nine degrees of this or any other Mystery School. The Rosicrucians are Hierophants of the Lesser Mysteries,  and beyond  them there are  still  schools wherein greater Mysteries are taught.   Those  who have advanced through the Lesser Mysteries are called Adepts, but even they have  not  reached  the exalted standpoint of the  twelve  Brothers  of  the Rosicrucian  Order  r the Hierophants of any other Lesser  Mystery  School any more  than the  freshman  at  college has attained to the knowledge  and position  f  a teacher in the high school from which he has just graduated.

     A later work will deal with initiation,  but we may say here  that  the door of a genuine Mystery School is not unlocked by a golden key,  but  is only  opened as a reward for meritorious service to humanity and any one who advertises himself as a Rosicrucian or makes a charge for tuition, by either
of those acts shows himself to be a charlatan. The true pupil of any Mystery School is far too modest to advertise the fact,  he will scorn all titles or honors  from men,  he will have no regard for riches save the riches of love given to him by those whom it becomes his privilege to help and teach.

    In the centuries that have gone by since the Rosicrucian Order was first formed they have worked quietly and secretly, aiming to mold  the thought of Western Europe through the works of Paracelsus, Boehme, Bacon,  Shakespeare, Fludd and others. Each night at midnight when the physical activities of the day are at their lowest ebb,  and the spiritual impulse at its highest flood tide, they have sent out from their temple soul-stirring vibrations to counteract materialism  and  to further the development of soul powers. To their activities we owe the gradual spiritualization of our once so  materialistic science.

With the commencement of the twentieth century a further step was taken. It  was realized that something must be done to make religion scientific  as well as to make science religious,  in order that they may ultimately blend; for  at  the  present  time heart and intellect  are  divorced.   The  heart instinctively  feels  the  truth  of  religious  teachings  concerning  such wonderful  mysteries as the Immaculate Conception (the Mystic  Birth),   the Crucifixion  (the Mystic Death),  the Cleansing Blood,  the Atonement,   and other doctrines of the Church,  which the intellect refuses to believe,   as they are incapable of demonstration,  and seemingly at war with natural law. Material  advancement  may be furthered when intellect is dominant  and  the longings  of the heart unsatisfied,  but soul growth will be retarded  until the heart also receives satisfaction.

    In  order to give the world a teaching so blended that it  will  satisfy both the mind and heart,  a messenger must be found and instructed.  Certain unusual  qualifications were necessary,  and the first one chosen failed  to pass  a certain test after several years had been spent to prepare  him  for the work to be done.      It  is well said that there is a time to sow,  and a time to reap,   and that  there are certain times for all the works of life,  and in  accordance with  this law of periodicity each impulse in spiritual uplift must also  be undertaken  at  an appropriate time to be successful.   The first and  sixth decades  of  each  century  are  particularly  propitious  to  commence  the promulgation  of new spiritual teachings.  Therefore the  Rosicrucians  were much concerned at this failure,  for only five years were left of the  first decade of the twentieth century.

    Their second choice of a messenger fell upon the present writer,  though he knew it not at the time, and by shaping circumstances about him they made it  possible  for  him to begin a period of preparation for  the  work  they desired  him to do.  Three years later,  when he had gone to Germany,   also because of circumstances shaped by the invisible Brotherhood, and was on the verge of despair at the discovery that the light which was the object of his quest,   was only a jack-o-lantern,  the Brothers of the  Rosicrucian  Order applied  the test to see whether he would be a faithful messenger  and  give the teachings they desired to entrust to him, to the world.  And when he had passed  the  trial they gave him the monumental solution of the  problem  of existence first published in THE ROSICRUCIAN COSMO-CONCEPTION  IN  November, 1909,   more  than a year before the expiration of the first decade  of  the twentieth  century.   This  book  marked a new  era  in  so-called  "occult" literature, and the many editions which have since been published as well as the thousands of letters which continue to come to the author,  are speaking testimonies  to  the  fact  that  people are  finding  in  this  teaching  a satisfaction they have sought elsewhere in vain.

The  Rosicrucians teach that all great religions have been given to  the people among whom they are found,  by Divine Intelligences who designed each system  of  worship to suit the needs of the race or nation to whom  it  was given. A primitive people cannot respond to a  lofty  and  sublime religion, and VICE VERSA.   What helps one race would hinder another, and in pursuance of the same policy there has been devised a system of soul-unfoldment suited especially to the Western people, who are racially and temperamentally unfit to undergo the discipline of the Eastern school,  which was designed for the more backward Hindus.
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