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The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana

The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana

The Greek text was first published after an ancient manuscript, by Gilbert Gautrinus, in De Vita et Morte Moysis, Lib. III., p. 206 ; and subsequently reproduced by Laurent Moshemius in his Sacred and Historico-Oitical Observations. Amsterdam, 1721. Translated and interpreted for the first time by Eliphas Levi. 

This bibliography contains over 195 entries spanning the last 500 years. It does not contain any references to Apollonius of Tyana that can be found in various dictionaries and encyclopedias which have been published in numerous Western countries in the past. It also does not include any source of information about Apollonius prior to the republication of the Philostratus biography in Venice in 1501-1504. After the original publication of the Philostratus biography in 220 CE, the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE and the Edicts of Emperor Theodosius I in 381-389 CE, which made the dissemination of such information punishable by death, the Philostratus biography "officially disappeared" from history until 1501 when Aldus Manutius rediscovered it and published it along with numerous other ancient manuscripts, commonly known collectively as Rhetores Graeci. From that point until the present-day, all other attempts to censor or prohibit this book have been futile. Where this invaluable book had been hidden away for the thousand years prior to Aldus is, to date at least, unknown

A Gaul/Frenchman named Apollinaris Sidonius (now known in France as Saint Sidoine), who married the daughter of Roman Emperor Avitus, apparently saw the Philostratus biography around the year 460 and prepared an analytical treatise about it for Pope Léon I, including at one point making a comparison of sorts between Apollonius and Léon. Catholic Bishop Nemesius of Emesa, Syria, who is peripherally connected to the Emerald Tablet, wrote that he had met Apollinaris Sidonius, a meeting that most probably took place in Rome when Sidonius was the Ambassador from Bordeaux and during a visit by Bishop Nemesius to the "Holy See". But whether Bishop Nemesius discussed the Emerald Tablet with Apollinaris Sidonius cannot be determined. It should also be noted here that Bishop Nemesius was from Emesa, the hometown of Philostratus’ patroness, the "philosophical" Syrian Roman Empress Julia Domna, whose own father Bassianus was himself the High Priest of Emesa. Certainly then, Bishop Nemesius was aware of the history of Julia Domna’s involvement with the biography of Apollonius and possibly also the Emerald Tablet, which centuries later may have become known as "The Table of the Sun".

Although I cannot say this with absolute certainty, as I have not yet seen this work, the 1932 French book by Maurice Magre, noted below, seems to link the saga of Apollonius to the Albigensians, a Gnostic Cathar cult that flourished in Albi, France, in the 12th-13th Centuries, until they were obliterated in the final medieval Crusade, the so-called "Albigensian Crusade" initiated in 1208 CE by Pope Innocent III and completed by his papal successors in 1244. And, curiously, Christian Rosenkruez (the pseudonym of Johan V. Andrea), founder of the Rosicrucian Order around 1614, is said by legend to have been buried on a mountain near Albi.

In that meantime, 500-1500 CE, other than works by Arab alchemist and philosopher Jabir Ibn Hayyan (now known as "Father of Arab Chemistry") in about the year 800 CE, and a Spanish writer Hugues de Santalla (styling himself "Geber" after Jabir) around 1150, citing both Aristotle’s "Secretum Secretorum" ("Secret of Secrets") and Jabir’s work about "Balinas The Wise" (i.e., Apollonius of Tyana), very little, if anything, regarding Apollonius was published in either Europe or the Middle East. One of Jabir’s books was titled Kitab al-Hajar ’ala Ra’y Balinas (or The Book of the Stone of Balinas [The Wise]). Apparently, it is from the writings of Jabir and "Geber" that we have modern knowledge of the "Emerald Tablet" ("Tabula Smaragdina") that was first attributed to Aristotle in his "Secretum Secretorum" which Hugues de Santalla translated from Arabic into Latin. For more information, the reader is referred below to the 1942 publication by Paul Kraus in Cairo, as well as the 1994 preface by D. Kahn, the 2000 article by Françoise Hudry and the more obscure 1798 document by Pierre Samuel Sylvestre de Sacy, all published in Paris. I also refer the reader to my own companion treatises titled "The Synchronized Chronologies of Roman and Related Histories" and "The Aldus Preface".

Parenthetically here, my work on this bibliography has undergone extensive revision and updating as the months have passed. Recently last March 2002, Professor David Armstrong of the University of Texas at Austin completed a translation from Latin/Greek into English of the preface which Aldus Manutius wrote to accompany his publication of Philostratus’ biography of Apollonius. Professor Armstrong’s work is an original translation commissioned by me, the first ever (that I know) of this Aldus preface into English. Simultaneously, Professeur François Gadeyne completed the first known modern French translation of the preface, which translation is not available here. This preface is analyzed in greater detail in another essay. However, it can be noted here that in 1501 Alemannus Rhinuccinus completed his translation of Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius; but Aldus postponed its publication for three years until after Friar Zanobi Acciaioli (addressed by Aldus as "Zenobius") of the San Marco Monastery Library in Florence could complete his new translation of Bishop Eusebius’ Contra Hieroclem, which Aldus stated in the preface was "the antidote to the poison" of the liar Philostratus.

Also, Aldus opened his preface by noting that the translation by Alemannus Rhinuccinus was the fourth translation into Latin, since (apparently) the Fifth Century contact between Apollinaris Sidonius and Pope Léon I in France. Thus, between the time of "Saint Sidoine" and Aldus, a period of one thousand years, three "lost" translations of this biography were completed; and Aldus knew about them all, but Aldus did not record for posterity’s sake exactly who undertook these three translations.

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από τον Μ. Plessner, Weisbaden

1977 Η Μέση Πλατωνιστών από τον John Dillon, Duckworth

1978 Παραβλέπεται μια ιστορία σχετικά με τον Απολλώνιο των Τυάνων στην Αναστασίου Sinaita
από τον Robert J. Penella, Leiden

1978 Ιησούς ο Μάγος: Charlatan ή Υιός του Θεού; από Morton Smith

1979 Ο Κόσμος του Άλδου Μανούτιου από τον Martin Lowry, Ithaca, Νέα Υόρκη

1979 Οι Επιστολές του Απολλώνιου Τυανέα από τον Robert J. Penella, Leiden

1979 "Απολλώνιος, Sage των Τυάνων" από την Έλσα-Brita Titchenell
Sunrise Magazine (Ιανουάριος Issue), Λος Άντζελες

1980 * Το μυθιστόρημα στην αρχαιότητα από τον Tomas Hagg, Στοκχόλμη

1983 Τα χρυσά έπη του Πυθαγόρα με το σχολιασμό του Ιεροκλή
από τον Ν. Rowe, Σάντα Μπάρμπαρα, Καλιφόρνια

1983 Virtual Οράματα: Phantasia και η αντίληψη του Θείου στη ζωή Φιλόστρατος »του Απολλώνιου Τυανεύς
από τον Β. Platt (κατά προσέγγιση ημερομηνία)

Το 1984 η Βιβλιοθήκη Nag Hammadi από JM Robinson, Leiden

1985 Ιάμβλιχος και η Θεωρία του οχήματος της ψυχής από τον John Finamore

1986 Απολλώνιος των Τυάνων στην Legend και Ιστορία της Maria Dzielska, Ρώμη

1986 * Τα θαύματα του Ιησού από τον Β. Μπλάκμπερν, Σέφιλντ, Αγγλία

1986 Φιλόστρατος: Βιογραφία και Belles Lettres στο τρίτο αιώνα μ.Χ.
εκπροσωπούμενη από τον G. Anderson, Λονδίνο, Σίδνεϊ και New Hampshire

1987 "Απολλώνιος ο Τυανεύς: Παράδοση και Πραγματικότητα» από Ewen Bowie Lyall

1987 Τα χαμένα χρόνια του Ιησού από Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Livingston, Μοντάνα

1987 Η Πυθαγόρεια Πηγών και Βιβλιοθήκη, Edited by Kenneth S. Guthrie

1989 True Messiah: Η ιστορία και η σοφία του Απολλώνιου Τυανέα από PA Malpas

1991 Los Milagros de la Vida de << Απολλωνία de Tiana >> από Carmen Padilla, Μαδρίτη

1992 Η συνωμοσία του Ιησού: Η Σινδόνης του Τορίνο & Η αλήθεια για την Ανάσταση
Ο Holger Kersten και Elmar R. Gruber, Μόναχο
(Αγγλική μετάφραση 1994)

By Robertino Solàrion



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