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A Door Will Open for Europe by Marcel Messing


A Door Will Open for Europe by Marcel Messing

Since January 1 1984, the Amsterdam library Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica has become known to the public. On national and international levels the press has paid wide attention to this library, the largest private hermetic-christian library of Europe.

The publications comprise : a 37 page article in the Dutch esoteric magazine Bres (No. 103, January 1984); a six page article in the French weekly Le Figaro Magazine (May 5th, 19841, with a circulation of approximately one million; the library was mentioned in the German weekly Die Zeit (July 1984); there was a 7 page article i n the French esoteric magazine Millenaire (JuneIJuly 1984); a 1 112 page long article in the cultural supplement of the Dutch newspaper NRC/Handelsblad (27th July, 1984). Within the November/December period, articles will be published in the Swiss journal Cahiers des Cathares, the American esoteric magazine Cauda Pavonis and in the Dutch Journal for librarians Open. And now this present article in the English magazine The Hermetic Journal published by Adam Mclean.

Several contacts with the worlds Dress and e.a. with the broadcasting companies will most likely result in arrangements with them in the coming months.

Within one year, then, millions of people especially in Europe have become acquainted with the Amsterdam Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica.

The response t o these articles has been overwhelming. Thousands of people reacted : by letter, by telephone or by visiting the library. Within an exceptionally short period of time a lively network of contacts within Europe and North America developed. Contacts and agreements were made with e.g. several foundations, esoteric movements, universities and educational establishments in general, whereas also individual contacts were made with several interested persons, with authors in several countries and with antiquarian booksellers all over Europe and North America (e.g. in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, Stuttgart and Zurich).

Meanwhile friendly contacts have developed with libraries such as the Herzog August Bibliothek a t Wolfenbuttel, the place where the complete correspondence of Johann Valentin Andreae consisting of more than 3000 letters is preserved; the Blibliotheca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence; Yale the Pierpont University Library (Mellon Collection) at New Haven (U.S.A.); Morgan Library in New York; the University of Strathclyde Library (Young Collection) in Glasgow; the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp; the Amsterdam University Library; the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library) in the Hague;the Freemasons' Library in The Hague; the British Library in London and the Philosophical Research Society of Manly P. Hall.

In addition, through many national and international congresses and symposia, exchanges of thoughts could take place, and the library could become more widely known.
Within one year a great number of people have become acquainted with the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. But acquainted with what? Acquainted with what purpose or meaning? To answer this question allow us to carry you back in time, time which is continuously illuminated by eternity, time which lies behind us like a snake's skin, while the spiralling movement of the snake itself goes on and on.

Wisdom is..
Wisdom is. Nobody owns it. It is not fully understood or defined. Wisdom It is the perpetual Truth and Love. It knows no boundaries, no is. definitions, no structures, no organisations. Wisdom is. Everything has sprung from it, everything shall return to it. It is the Bride of Light, the tender whisper in all creatures.

Wisdom builds its House on seven pillars, and only he who seeks it in his heart shall be found by it. Wisdom is. It turns the scientists' judgment into foolishness, the mockerers vanity into delusion, worldly knowledge into a cloud in the infinite Light.

Wisdom flourishes within all creatures, it acquires its scent in perfection, speaks all languages where mouths are silent. Wisdom is. It links everything and everybody with the one Arbor Vitae, with the one Source, with the one Truth of the everlasting Light. Those who breathe in Wisdom are linked with it, they live from heart to heart. The hearts of those who turn away from it shall be clouded; they will live in a fragmentary consciousness of the One. Wisdom is. He who forsakes it will encounter the wilderness of the other consciousness; he will meet thorns and thistles and will leave the paradise of the All-One-Being. Wisdom has no choice ... It is.

When man turns away from Wisdom, he turns away from the Truth, from Love, He creates his own surroundings out of a fragmentary from Light. consciousness and creates a world that reflects himself. When the Light-crystals i n the mind are split into good and evil, a tree of good and evil will sprout from the seed of ignorance. The tree of illusion, the tree of dichotomy. Wisdom, however, remains. The Truth remains. Love remains. Man may build himself a house of limitations, but the House of Wisdom is founded on seven pillars.

When man can no longer reflect the Light, he reflects his limitations wherever he goes. He becomes the stream which separates from the Source, the branch which breaks from the one Arbor Vitae.

But Wisdom, Light and Love never departs the errant man. "God does not forsake the work of His hands". The Light shines, if gloom gathers. And Wisdom keeps revealing God's Great Plan. There is always a way "back", the It links the connection with the All remains possible. For Wisdom is. wandering with the Sons of Wisdom, God's messengers. It points at the heart of every religion: the religion of the heart. For Wisdom is.

For Wisdom and Light "God's Sons" emanated. They tried to link man with the One Source. The source of Wisdom, Love and Light. We know them under many names: Rama, Krishna, Hermes Trismegistos, Abraham, Moses, Orpheus, Aglaophemus, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Vardhamana, Buddha, Lao Tse, Confucius, Zoroaster, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel... They all drew attention to the deep ignorance of man and showed him the path of inner redemption. Buddha already sighed: "The root of all sorrow lies in the very beginning and is being concealed in ignorance, from which life originates". And Lao Tse said in his Tao Teh King: "The highest knowledge is to know not. However, it is extremely painful to know how scant our knowledge is". Therefore Herrnes already spoke the words: "Stop and become sober: perceive with the eyes of your heart again! And if all of Thee cannot do this, then at least those who are able to do so. For the wickedness of ignorance floods the whole world, destroys the soul which is locked in the body and prevents it from docking into the port of salvation". Ignorance is the true cause of sorrow, "Father forgive them; for they know not what they do," t h e teacher Jesus was to sigh. Seen from the human awareness of time they carried out their task in the course of time, the period before Christ - as western chronology it so considers.

In Christ all that took place "before" Him and all that comes into activity after Him is connected in the circle of the present, a zeropoint in chronology, the symbolic year one.

What under the name of MELCHIZIDEK had been transmitted to Abraham under the symbols of bread and wine, is the work of Christ the Christ as Light, Love and Wisdom, one with the Father, the All.

What Christ as a planetary Spirit bestows on the earth is the spiritual power of the Sun which can fulfil the Christian mysteries in the heart of man. All peoples of the world have recognised the Sun as the source of all life. The Indian called it AGNI, the Egyptian called it HORUS or RA, the Babylonians MARDUK and later SHAMASH, the Persians spoke of MITHRAS, the Greeks of ADONIS, HELIOS or APOLLO-DIONYSIOS, the Norwegians of BALDUR or ODIN.

Countless temples, pyramids and monuments have been dedicated to the Sun: the Cheops pyramid In Egypt, the Yucatan temple in Mexico, the suntowers in Ireland, the Zikkurats in Babylonia, Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France. Countless lips formed their holy prayers addressed t o the Light of the Sun; from Echnaton to St. Francis. And many a mountain became a sacred sun altar for this Light, like the MONTSEGUR, the TABOR, t h e OLYMPUS, the MERU and mount ATHOS. That which was worshipped and glorified, for which numerous people joined hands and reached out, what in several countries was expected in the deepest darkness of winter solstice, it is always the Light, the Light of t h e SPIRITUAL SUN, which is the CHRIST. It is the Light that is reflected by the Sun, which illuminates the earth in our solar system. It is the Light that keeps shining in the darkness...

In the boundless mystery of Golgotha this Light is drawn around the earth like a "cloak without seams".

What is freed by this immense deed of Love is the Strength of the Comforter, the Strength of the purifying, Sanctifying Spirit who unites with every one who lets the inner Christ come into activity within his heart. For in the heart is the "Kingdom of God", called Atman-Brahman by the Indian, Osiris in the heart by the Egyptians and called the precious jewel of the lotus by Buddha. It is the golden grain of corn, Jesu, the Rose of the heart, from which this inner Kingdom, this All-Consciousness can begin to flourish.
The heart is the true "grotto" of  Bethlehem, the "Granary" by which the radiant shape within man is fed, is nourished.

By Christ the periods of time before and after Christ are abolished in the zero of eternity, in the perpetual potentiality of the present.

"And look, I am with you all the time till the completion of the world", the Christ says.

All those who were seized by the Light bore testimony to it; to this day. Despite persecution, hatred, murder, death by fire, being bricked up alive,gossip or denial. There has always been testimony to this Light. Now in private, then again openly. Sometimes by maintaining silence, by speaking or writing.., He who was touched by the Light has always tried to pass on his experience, to actuate it, to express it, to sing it, to write it down. In Upanishads, in Gathas, in Mudras, in Hieroglyphs, in Psalms, in Proverbs; in poems, in manuscripts, in books... Between what is written on the ancient clay tablets, the tables of the laws, the parchment and contemporary books there often is a mere difference in time. The contents, however, repeatedly refer to the one and the same Truth, to Wisdom. For Wisdom is.

Besides the spoken word, an immense tradition of the written word developed in the Occident. Thousands who were seized by the Light have testified to it by means of hieroglyphs of Light. Many stood in the Light, breathed from it; others looked for it intensely and experienced its touch.

For the first time in the history of Europe the principal currents of hermetic Christianity have now - together with other essential christocentric currents - been brought together in a unique library: the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, a library which will have reached its completion in the year 2000.

From : Hermetic Journal - Issue Number 27 - Spring 1985 Edited by Adam McLean

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